A Typical Day in Adult Services

The Adult Services program is operated in the STAR building. Each individual enrolled in our program is assigned a staff member called an ISF, who is responsible for meeting the individuals needs based on the ISP. This plan is developed by a team of people including the individual and the important people in his/her life. All ISPs are written by an SSA and the individual’s team. As needs vary greatly from person to person, the ISF may provide anything from personal care to reading instruction.

- Arrive and Check In (about 9 AM)
      - Engage in an activity or two (between 9 and 11 AM)
Lunch (11 AM to 12 PM)
      - Activity (12 to 1:30 PM)
      - Break (1:30 to 2 PM)
      - Activity (2 to 2:45 PM)
      - Time to go home (3 PM)

More Info

  Lunch may be eaten in the multi-purpose room, on the production floor, or on the patio during nice weather. Individuals may choose to bring their lunch from home, order delivery from a local restaurant, or visit The Lunch Box. Individuals with safe pedestrian skills sometimes walk to nearby establishments to buy lunch. Activity areas re-open at 11:30 a.m.

   Afternoon break is a good time to enjoy a soft drink and/or a snack and visit with friends. 

   Acitivity areas include: music, sensory, recreation & leisure, art, woodworking, t-shirt creation, or learning. There are classes held at specific times one to five times per week. Topics include computers, reading/literacy, math, and life skills (where individuals work on specific goals from their ISP).


Useful Terms
ISF - Individual Support Facilitator

ISP - Individual Service Plan

SSA - Service and Support Administrator