The Vocation Station
The Vocation Station
The Vocation Station

The Vocation Station is a part of the Scioto County Board of Developmental disabilities and is under STAR, Inc.

We offer:

Job development – working with employers in order to develop and identify job opportunities.

Employment preparation services – assisting and training individuals through the preparation of resumes, teaching interviewing skills, completion of applications and benefit analysis.

Vocational evaluation – assessing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in regard to community employment.

Job shadowing/job sampling – visiting prospective job sites to familiarize individuals with job expectations and duties. Some performance of job duties with supervision by Employment Services staff and under STAR’s workers compensation/payroll may take place.

Job coaching – providing on-site training by qualified and trained staff at no cost to the employer or the individual.

Information and assistance – assisting employers with modifying or eliminating barriers to employment for persons with disabilities; linking employers to quality employees.