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March 20 Coronavirus update

TO:        All Employees and Visitors to the Vern Riffe School Building

FROM:   Matt Purcell, Superintendent

The Governor has asked all employers throughout the state to begin taking employee temperatures before the start of each workday as a way of limiting exposure to others who are potentially infected with COVID-19.  We will comply with this request beginning Monday, March 23.

To implement the temperature screening,  all employees are to enter Vern Riffe School, as all visitors already do, by the main entrance located in the rear of the building.  Everyone wishing to enter the building will be admitted through the second set of entry doors one at a time and approach the reception office window.  A digital thermometer will be there so that each person may take their own temperature and show the digital read-out to the employee in the reception office. Should an employee or visitor have an elevated temperature, that person will be asked to leave the building to protect the health and safety of others in our workplace.  The thermometer will be sanitized between uses.

For the convenience of our staff, the “dot” board for indicating that an office is occupied or vacant has already been moved to the main entrance area.

Please note that just as having a fever does not necessarily mean someone has COVID-19, the absence of a fever does not guarantee that a person does not have COVID-19. This preventative measure will serve as a first line of defense in our efforts to stay well.  Hand washing, cleaning surfaces, using tissues and sleeves to contain sneezes and coughs, and practicing social distancing are other important ways we can protect ourselves and others. Employees, not already on leave, who are feeling sick are asked to report in, but stay at home.

Employees who are turned away due to an elevated temperature may work from home, if they are able, or use paid leave.  They will be encouraged to follow up with a medical practitioner of their choice.  However, a written release from a healthcare professional will be required before they may return to work in our facility.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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