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SCBDD Heads Transportation Plan, Receives Grant for Vehicles

A years-long effort spearheaded by Director of Fiscal and Human Resources Matt Purcell and Director of Adult Services Kelly Hunter has resulted not only in three grant-funded vehicles to benefit those served by Scioto County Board of Developmental Disabilities (SCBDD), but also for locals who utilize other transportation services such as Access Scioto County (ASC).


“The biggest obstacle for many of our people is transportation,” Purcell said. “We feel it is our obligation to help the people we serve overcome such obstacles in the most efficient way possible when we are able, and we feel this is a perfect example of that.”


Many served by SCBDD may not have transportation from their homes after 4 p.m. during the week or on weekends, thereby keeping them from participating in their community. The addition of three shuttle buses will help alleviate that problem.


Federal changes require adults with disabilities be served in such ways they are able to be out and about in their communities, taking part in events of their choosing and living more independently. This means individuals are taking part in more community activities, employment, and social offerings than ever before, and they need ways to get there that are convenient and accessible.


Superintendent Julie Monroe tasked Purcell to “seek and acquire non-traditional funding sources,” and he takes that to heart. “The taxpayer is the last resort.”


Part of what made the receipt of the vehicles possible was the Locally Developed Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation, a grant-funded endeavor wherein SCBDD partnered with consultants RLS and Associates, as well as Access Scioto County and STAR, Inc., to apply for grant funding to purchase vehicles. These vehicles would be used to offer more transit services for adults served by SCBDD.


 “The plan targets the needs of the community’s most vulnerable individuals, such as those with disabilities, the elderly, and people with low or fixed incomes,” said ASC Transit Coordinator Larry Mullins.


The three vehicles are Ford F-350 shuttle buses with a combined value of $150,000, which is ultimately three for the price of one. The vehicles will be owned, operated, and maintained by STAR, Inc.