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Early Childhood Intervention

What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention assists and strengthens the capacity of families to meet the developmental needs of children from birth through three years of age who have delays or disabilities. A coaching style of interaction is used with caregivers as a means of building their confidence and competence as they provide opportunities within their everyday activities for their children to learn and develop.  Every family has a full team available to them in addition to the support of one Early Intervention professional assigned to be their primary service provider (PSP).

What do the Program details look like?

Every child enrolled in Scioto County Board of Developmental Disabilities Early Intervention program has access to a team of professionals that are made up of:

  • Developmental Specialists
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Vision Specialist
  • Hearing Specialist
  • P.L.A.Y. Project Consultants (Play Language for Autistic Youngsters)
One member of the team is assigned to be the Primary Service Provider (PSP) for the family. This team member will offer regular visits as scheduled in a natural environment (home, park, daycare, family members, community settings, etc). The PSP and the family will problem-solve how to use everyday activities and family routines to support the child’s development and learning.

When the PSP and the family need additional support to meet the goals, they may consult at any time with the other members of the EI team at weekly team meetings or during home visits with the family.

How to make a Referral?

The local Help Me Grow program refers babies and toddlers (Birth-2) to the Early Intervention program if there is a concern about the child’s development. Contact Help Me Grow at (740) 354-0825.  You can also contact Ohio Early Intervention directly at 800-755-4769.

Parents must give permission to have their child evaluated. Services begin with an evaluation in order to determine eligibility. A Help Me Grow service coordinator will then assist the family in determining the needs of the child, utilizing all available resources to help the family meet the needs of their child in the most natural environment (home, child care center, and recreational settings like playgrounds, libraries, and play groups.)

If your child is 3 years of age or older, you may contact our SCDD Intake office at (740) 353-8448 to begin the referral process.