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Please refer to the drop down menu at the top of the page or click on the Blue words below to view more information.

Required for all services

Adult Services
Typically for individuals age 18 years old and up.  Eligible adults who choose to participate in a day program may select a local service provider.

Service and Support Administration (SSA)
Service and Support Administration provides service coordination, individualized planning, service quality monitoring, service referral and much more.

Early Childhood Intervention

assistance and service planning for families of infants and young children ages birth through six years old.

Family Directed Services
Family Directed Services (FDS) provides limited funding to meet specific need categories.  This program can help
individuals with developmental disabilities continue to live safely with their families. 

Residential Support
Coordination of care and services provided through Medicaid funding in private and agency settings.

School Services (Vern Riffe School)
Enrollment arranged through your local school district for students ages 5 through 21. Direct enrollment not available.

Provided for school students, and for adult day paricipants, as needed. Contract service provider is National Express Transit dba: Petermann, Ltd.

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