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Metzler selected as Director of Early Childhood Programs at SCDD


Catie Metzler has been hired as Director of Early Childhood Programs for Scioto County Developmental Disabilities (SCDD). The former program director Erica Wallace left the position in August to accept a job with Ohio Association of County Boards.

Metzler was first introduced to the program by Developmental Specialists working with her own child.

“My youngest daughter was in the early intervention program from the time she was nine months old until she turned three. I had a Developmental Specialist that came to the house and worked with us, and she told me she thought I would be good at doing this and working with families; helping parents know what to do with their children. I thought she was crazy because I was very much invested in my own child and I was very exhausted by the extra work. I thought there was no way I could help anyone else,” Metzler said.

As her daughter made progress in the program, she began to realize she could do this and she wanted to give back to other families the way that her Developmental Specialist had done for her. After reaching out to SCDD, Metzler was hired as a Developmental Specialist in 2017.

“It was so rewarding. I bonded with parents and caregivers immediately because I knew what they were going through. It was immediately fulfilling and I love coming to work every day,” she said.

By the time Wallace announced she would be leaving the program, Metzler had worked her way up to Lead Developmental Specialist and was already doing some of the leadership duties in the department. That experience helped make her the best choice for director.

“I’m still learning and there are big shoes to fill. Erica was an amazing director, and before that Tammy Nelson was our director and she was with this program from the time it was born. So I feel like I’ve had great guidance and mentorship. The administrative staff and all of the county board departments have been fantastic to answer questions and make me feel welcome,” she said.

For more information about the Early Childhood program, visit online at or the Help Me Grow website at Referrals to the program can be made either by the parents or caregivers, or by a pediatrician.

For more information about the programs and services at Scioto County Developmental Disabilities, call 740-353-0636 or visit online at, and like and follow them on Facebook and TikTok.

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