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New Changes to the Provider Compliance Review Process Requires Regular Email Communication
Beginning with reviews in June 2016, the Ohio Department of DD (DODD) will begin using a new software system for notification and tracking of provider compliance reviews.

Review Data System (RDS) will replace the existing system CMO. RDS will allow the reviewer and the provider to communicate entirely through the system for notification, scheduling and completion of the review. Providers will receive notification of their upcoming provider compliance review by an email through the RDS system. Providers will have to respond to the reviewer through the RDS system. All communications will be via the RDS system. If the provider is required to provide a plan of correction based upon the outcome of their review, this also will have to be completed and submitted through the RDS system.

What does this mean for providers? It is essential that all providers ensure their contact information, including their email address, is accurate in the Provider Certification Wizard (PCW). Email will be the main contact with providers through the RDS system. Providers must check their email often for notifications and information from the reviewer.

If the provider fails to make contact through this system, it could lead to them receiving notice that they are being non-compliant with the review process and ultimately could lead to their certification being in jeopardy. It is recommended that all providers check their contact information in the Provider Certification Wizard and update any information needed. DODD will be send out further communication as to how providers will access the RDS system in the near future and trainings/instructions will be available to providers.

Stay tuned for more information and double check your information in PCW now!

-- via SOCOG
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