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Required for all services

Adult Services
Typically for individuals ages 18 years old and up

Service and Support Administration (SSA)
Service and Support Administration provides service coordination, individualized planning, service quality monitoring, service referrl and much more.

Early Childhood Intervention

For infants and toddlers ages birth through three years old

Family Directed Services
Family Directed Services (FDS), formerly Family Support Services and Family Resources, is a funding program serving individuals with developmental disabilities in their family home.

Residential Support
Coordination of care and services provided through Medicaid in private and agency settings.

School Services (Vern Riffe School)
Enrollment arranged only through your local school district for students ages 5 through 21.

For the preschool and school, and for adult day services as available. Service provided by National Express Transit dba: Petermann, Ltd.

Community Employment

The Scioto County Board of DD contracts with STAR, Inc. to provide competitive opportunities in the commumity to eligible individuals ages 16 and up.

Community Employment offers: 

Job development – working with employers in order to develop and identify job opportunities.

Employment preparation services
– assisting and training individuals through the preparation of resumes, teaching interviewing skills, completion of applications and benefit analysis.

Vocational evaluation
– assessing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in regard to community employment.

Job shadowing/job sampling – visiting prospective job sites to familiarize individuals with job expectations and duties. Some performance of job duties with supervision by Employment Services staff and under STAR’s workers compensation/payroll may take place.

Job coaching – providing on-site training by qualified and trained staff at no cost to the employer or the individual.

Information and assistance – assisting employers with modifying or eliminating barriers to employment for persons with disabilities; linking employers to quality employees.